Building Enterprise-Ready Predictive Applications Faster Than Ever Before

You want to solve real-world predictive and behavioral business problems. You want to understand your customers’ behavior. You want to catch hackers. You want to stop fraud.

In the past you had to hire a high-priced consulting firm, and then spend years building a custom, black-box application that would rapidly become stale. If you were lucky, you wouldn’t have to restart from scratch.

In truth – most big data applications have not lived up to their hype or cost.

Context Relevant has created a better way. The Context Relevant platform uses machine learning to enable the rapid creation of intelligent applications that deploy at enterprise scale, reacting automatically to trends and changes that occur in the underlying environment, updating dynamically, and improving over time. That’s the power of Automated Data Science.

Context Relevant’s Cybersecurity

CYBERSECURITY APPLICATION Cyber attacks and advanced persistent threats are on the front pages every day. The sophistication of these attacks and the complexity of the modern enterprise present a gargantuan, permeable threat surface that is often too large and weak for humans (and existing tools) to monitor. Without a new approach, we are in trouble.

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Context Relevant’s Automated Data Science Platform

AUTOMATED DATA SCIENCE PLATFORM Intelligent applications are all around us, from self-driving cars to personalized healthcare. The future of enterprise software is one of intelligent software that is driven by predictive and behavioral models that solve real-world problems. Context Relevant didn’t set out to create a buzzword-driven machine learning platform. We didn’t decide first that

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Context Relevant’s Fraud Solutions

TRANSACTION FRAUD APPLICATION Hackers, organized crime, and terrorist groups are pointing their black-hat skills at any institution with an online transactional presence. Increasing vulnerabilities have made policing these transactions more difficult than ever. The perfect storm of more attacks, sophisticated attackers, and a large attack surface increases the cost of identifying and blocking invalid transactions,

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