Who we are

Obsessed with
continuous improvement.

Paul Niemczyk

Head of Services Engineering

Empowering clients to improve their businesses and lives. Because: cool tech + business = great things happen.

Ben Rangel

Mad Scientist

Human decisions are removed from strategic defense. Skynet begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 2:14 a.m. Eastern time, August 29th. In a panic, they try to pull the plug.

Amrit Bhattacharya

Data Scientist

Try to make sense out of data by feature engineering.

Royce Walter

Software Engineer

Co-founder of the worst dressed wine and cheese club in NYC. In constant danger of acquiring another large dog

Justin Baker

Sr. Director Marketing

Justin guides market strategy and execution, helping customers understand the enormous value of our machine learning platform, especially for cybersecurity.

Subhashini R

Staff Engineer

Software engineer and data science almost-grad, with a passion for data analysis and deep learning.

Iulian Cojocaru

Solutions Software Engineer

I’m a passionate software engineer with experience in Big Data apps implementation. I joined CR to be part of something unique & powerful & to learn new & exciting things.

John Buckley

IT Engineer

My diverse work history helps me solve the biggest challenges, from diesel mechanic to maintaining IT infrastructure. It all comes down to the same thing – I repeatedly fix what you repeatedly break.

Jim Cooper

Dir of Finance

I have spent most of my career in tech. I’m wicked with a 10-key, but not quite as dangerous as the guy in “The Accountant”.

Peter Battaglia

Staff Engineer

Obsessed with software design, surpassing customer expectations, and well-crafted guitar solos.

Danielle Bennett

Sr. Accountant

CPA by day, DAWGS and wine enthusiast by night. VP of wine.

Sara Rogers

Recruiting Ops Coordinator

I really enjoy the startup life! Having the ability to improve process and impact positive change is what keeps me motivated. If you are interested in growing with us, contact me today!

Blake Chaplin

IT Engineer

IT professional with over 10 years industry experience. Washington State University graduate and currently hold the esteemed title of C3PO – Chief Power Plugs & Patches Officer. GO COUGS!

Dontae Delgado

Project Manager

As a Project Manager my focus is on empowering the Engineering teams to achieve their goals; in an effective & efficient way. My expertise is in service maturity, data analysis, & cyber security.

Dao Tran

Staff Accountant

I love to cook, bake and decorate cakes. I also work with numbers.

Eugene Nalimov

Staff Engineer

Want to know about me? Look me up on Wikipedia.

Narendra Loganathan

Staff Engineer

I like solving problems. If I cannot find any, I go and create some first.

Kaelyn Takata

Staff Engineer

Scheme & Common Lisp enthusiast and former C++ compiler developer now dabbling in the dark(er) arts of machine learning and big data.

James Scott

Tech Pubs Manager

Soccer player. Technical writing fan. Proud owner of lard can. Lives life by the golden rules.

Julia Baker

Dir Project Mgmt

As the team Scrum Lord, my job is making the trains run on time and getting our engineering organization to hum like a well-organized efficient machine.

Sandy Heath

Front Desk Administrator

Travel, history, architecture. No wonder I have no clue when it comes to computers.

Rob Rodrigues

Staff Engineer, Test

I break things. Sometimes even the right things.
Occasionally I fix broken things. Sometimes those are things I broke. VP of beer.

Lawrence Cayton

Data Scientist

Craftsman of machine learning models and systems.

Kelly McHugh

Sr. HR Generalist

Skier, golfer, (WSU) Coug, resourceful human and a lifelong member of the startup world.

Ashwin Jeyakumar

Staff Tech Prod Mgr

Mover of needles. Connector of dots. SVP of alcohol.

Cemal Bilgin

Staff Engineer

90% AI, the other half is pure passion.

Cailin Kelly

Right Hand to CEO

I handle all the things before they are even thought of. Also, I drink wine.

Richard Rogers

Staff Engineer

I bake pie. Also, software…

Mick O’Halloran

Staff Engineer

Building large scale clustered systems; over 30 year in C/C++, other langs; Unix kernel, drivers, fs and AI; MIT: SB physics, CMU: MSEE CE. Bell Labs, TI, Sequent, Tera/Cray, F5, Amazon.

Kyle Buckingham

Staff Functioneer

Software enthusiast interested in data science.

Christina Vidauri


I love the startup life and find technical recruiting for CR challenging and fun! Contact me if you want to work with us!

Art Munson

Data Scientist

Machine learning scientist and peddler of forgotten technologies. I’m running an experiment to see if my flip phone survives to drinking age.

Ashley Fidler

Director, Prod Mgmt

I love building products that advance how enterprises use machine learning. As head of product, my role is to ensure all the pieces come together into great experiences for our customers.

Eddie Nieves

IT Manager

I help people solve complex IT problems by asking them if they first turned it off and then on again. Aspire to be a foodie, and I’m an avid CrossFitter to prevent the foodie-ism from killing me.

Nathan Vance

Sr. Recruiter

I’m passionate about helping people find meaningful work, and curious about data science and machine learning. My experience includes a focus on direct sourcing, talent brand and technology.

Bryan Hurd

Sr. Director, Security Svcs

CR is a great place to work with visionaries in cybersecurity and machine learning to address the threats that other technologies and approaches do not.

Bo Anderson

Data Scientist

Lives and breathes machine learning. Occasionally breathes surfing and west coast swing.

Matthew Vanderzee

Director of Engineering

I love building great teams, great products, and great sandwiches.

Molly McDonald

Operations Manager

I enjoy wearing many hats, and trying to solve problems before they arise.

Jamison Rose

Solutions Engineer

I am a solutions engineer working to bridge the gap between user and product. I joined CR because data science and ML are fascinating and I want the experience of seeing them in action.

Joe Polverari


Joe is responsible for driving business and operational strategies to accelerate growth, as well as evangelize Context Relevant’s innovative automated data science platform.

Dustin Hillard

VP of Engineering

Dustin is responsible for leading product development and innovation. His vision is founded on simplifying and accelerating the adoption of machine learning for new use cases.

Greg Smithies

VP Finance

I daylight as VP of finance, and moonlight as VP of silly titles. I joined CR from a venture capital career because cheering from the sidelines is way less fun than actually changing the world.

Jeff Feinstein

VP of Strategic Development

Jeff is responsible for leading sales and g2m activities, bringing decades of experience building world-class sales functions at leading enterprise technology startups.